Thursday, September 29, 2011

Covenant House: Stand Up For Street Kids!

A few days ago, one of the coolest people I know posted info about a 5k walk for Covenant House. My buddy Mikey is very much involved with Covenant House and as promised, I looked into the event. 
It is held at one of my favourite places ... Dundas Square.
A 5k walk starts and ends there on November 12th, 2011. The drive and force of 450 people raised $122,000 last year and this year, the goal is  levelled at $100,000. Nevertheless, the more the merrier. 

Stand up for Street Kids 5k is just the kind of event I am more than willing to participate in. 
Homelessness can be looked at in both micro and macro levels to determine all of the cons that apply .. especially when there are kids involved. The street isn't a place anyone should call home. Unfortunately, for street kids, it is. Enduring a life of neglect, abuse and an unstable caregiving environment, a lot of kids end up on the street to fend for themselves. 

Anyone living on the streets are vulnerable to physical, emotional and mental harm. They are exposed to drugs, illegal activity and lack of access to basic necessities. About 1/3 of homeless individuals in Canada are kids. 
On top of the amount of detriment that a homeless individual endures in one day, there is also a stigma attached to the label by society. I'd like to make clear that behaviours cannot be accurately and fully understood by confining our observations to just the physical properties of a situation. I encourage you to look at the familial and social influences one has before misjudging them on an individual level, and be aware that with the confinement of our observations, you are judging by the formidable barrier. Eyes and ears are closed, but their mouth is running a mile a minute maintaining the stigma. 

This isn't anything new.
What COULD be new is that more and more people get involved than ever before by either participating, donating or volunteering in events like this. From my personal experience, I've observed more people willing to gather and spend money on events that cater to their hobbies. Let's use that same energy to help street kids this November.

I completely understand when people are skeptical about giving money to organizations, unsure of which set of hands it actually ends up in. If that is the case, come out and volunteer with me. 

You can register as an individual, family or corporate. 

Help me help Mikey help the street kids. 

This event is sponsored by Starbucks, CITYTV, Pizza Nova and Pareto.

For the statistics on Homeless Youth, click here

For offline participation and more information, please contact:

Covenant House Step Up for Street Kids 5K
Andrea Cochrane  

For volunteering, please contact:

Jacqueline Herrington

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, it's cold at night and rainy/cold/hot/sunny/cloudy during the day. ... That's the weather in Canada for you. Unpredictable.

But you know what's predictable? My friends, HEARTBEATSTO will be at Manifesto (FRESHEST GOODS MARKET) at Dundas Square and their merchandise will be selling like hot cakes. Guaranteed. If you don't have a HeartBeatsTO hat, tee, hoodie or tank yet, you can't be my friend.

They have to new logo ... it's BIGGER!, and they promised to hold onto a hoodie for me until I get there. (That's what you call VIP service). I can literally wear my HeartBeatsTO tank, then the tee over it and then the hoodie on top of that. All I need are some HeartBeatsTO shoes....

Manifesto Festival is everything I love. Non-profit, family friendly, art, culture, community and all the little bundles of happiness in between. All this fits into Dundas Square this Sunday, September 25th, 2011 from 12pm-11pm. There will be Bboy and Bgirl shows, music and appearances with Rakim, Michie Mee (OMG I CAN'T WAIT) Phonte, Kid Capri, JD Era, Andreena Mill, A-Game and more...  and hosted by Trixx.

I'm excited to see what Crown The Queens got in store for me, along with The One Clothing.

I came across It's Your Life (see below) ... I checked the site out today and the jewelry is VERY tempting. I will be bringing CASH.

Visit the Manifesto website to get more info.


1 Love T.O
@1loveto |

Abegail Barrios Design

Ambush Apparel

Champstiles Woodburning
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Freedom Fighter Skateboards

Heartbeats T.O


It Lives in the North

It’s Your life Handmade

Killa Hearts You

King Oak


Legin Knits
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Live it Wear it

Martial Artistik

Nothin Clothing

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Stolen from Africa

The One

See you there :)