Sunday, March 27, 2011

Twitter Lingo

Language is quite fascinating... It changes throughout time and phonemes and morphemes develop new relationships to means a totally different thing from one generation to the next.

I tried to get my mom to guess what some of the twitter lingo meant/stood for. This is what she got:

LOL: "Laughing Oh Laughing"
SMH: "Shit... Mother... Something"
FML: "I think 'F' stands for f-word?"
LMAO: "Laughing....My... Something something"

.... and this went on for a while....

My mother knows what twitter is and knows what facebook is too. She's well aware of this new lingo that has developed through social networking over time. Yet, she's not sure WHY this has to exist. I explained that on Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters per tweet. Then she started asking too many questions and so I gave up... But she brought up a good point... What if people replace actual words with these acronyms?

I guess as long as you don't actually use twitter lingo in real life regularly, you're okay?
I mean, I'm on Twitter and FB everyday, but I don't actually talk like, "And then the guy cut me off! Shaking my head" or "I lost my phone eff em elle" on a regular basis. I have said "oh em gee" a few times though. ... Uh oh...

It's interesting how "LOL" (Laughing Out Loud) has developed into LMAO, LMFAO (which I think is a little extreme, but... I admit I've used it) and so on. Others more specific to Twitter such as "TL" for Timeline or the hashtags are understood by everyone on Twitter (#NP- Now Playing).

In Toronto, so much is going on and Twitter accounts for businesses, event planners, entrepreneurs and organizations/corporations take the free tweeting to their advantage. Tweets can be "retweeted" and the chances of the link to your website or twitter page is doubled or tripled within seconds.
With Twitter, up and coming and often underrated Toronto artists can give it a go in the internet world and get their music out through Twitter. It's easy, fast and...viral!

What's next for acronyms or Twitter lingo? Think our tweets will be limited even more? Or expanded beyond 140 characters? It is a phenomenon and it is something that has helped develope many businesses. Even my blog for example, not that its a business, but marketing or promotion-wise, it has helped get the word out about my postings. I've created and maintained networking opportunities and so on. Twitter is definitely a plus if you're trying to see what is out there and networking online. But what do you think? Is Twitter Lingo too much?

What's next?

Toronto Love: My Heart Beats T.O. ... Does Yours?

“We know we grew up privileged and we have access to resources... We want to set this out now because we know there will be other young adults in the next generation who also want to do this”.

My Saturday was quite exciting. I won $20 on Lotto Max plus a free ticket (Come on $50 million.. It has my name on it!) and spent most of the day with one of my best friends. I got to enjoy a cold but sunny day and it ended with an interview with 2 of Toronto's most laid back and determined people I have yet to meet.

Samia and Madiha Mirza are two sisters out of five siblings that are out to conquer Toronto by setting out their brand “Heart Beats T.O.”. They promote Toronto culture and want to show you what this city is all about.

Growing up in the Bloor and Dufferin area, the two sisters found Toronto to be culturally welcoming. “We're Pakistani and were raised in Toronto... I don't think that [culturally] you could feel singled out in this city”.
I don't think words ever sounded more true. In a city of 2.48 Million people and 5.5 Million in the Greater Toronto Area, how could you?
Conversations about culture were traded back and forth between myself and the two sisters. I found them to be well aware of Toronto's population and they seem dead on about how to get a movement started. Their brand and their idea were inspired by a TV show they were watching called “How To Make It In America” on HBO that had Samia and Madiha question themselves, “Why are we just sitting here?”.
Initially, they wanted to leave the logo just on the tag of their shirts and make it a clothing brand. A friend suggested that they should put the logo actually be on a t-shirt. 
And they did... They began by creating T-shirts with a simple (yet, my favourite) logo of a heart rate monitor (think electrocardiogram) with an outline of the CN Tower. Their slogan?: "My Heart Beats T.O. ... Does Yours?" ... Good question. The two sisters wore the shirts themselves and received numerous comments and questions... “Hey, where did you get that shirt?”

Sisters Samia (left) and Madiha (right)
Founders of Heart Beats T.O. 

Samia went to York University for Management and Public Relations and Madiha went to Seneca College for Graphic Design. The pair used what they knew and created something that I thought was going to revolutionize Toronto's culture and basically spread the word. That is exactly what the sisters said,
“We don't have a goal in sentence form exactly, but we know that if and when people from Toronto end up moving, there is something about this city and still holds them here. That is where we got 'My Heart Beats TO'. We know that so many people still have Toronto Pride, even if they live elsewhere”.

When I asked what their future plans were, they bombarded the question with so many ideas that I even began to make suggestions as if I was a part of the crew. They have more accessories and clothing with the logo on it to be made, they hope to attend events and market their brand and in the near future they hope to be affiliated with charity organizations (Thumbs up from me!). Once they become more established, they hope to give back to the city by sponsoring children's sports teams and focus on organizations of literacy and art, “We know we grew up privileged and we have access to resources... We want to set this out now because we know there will be other young adults in the next generation who also want to do this”.
Toronto is a great place to start this as it is usually the centre of attention with the MuchMusic Awards, Caribana, TIFF, Juno Awards and Toronto's Raptors and Leafs drawing in tourists outside of Canada into the 416/905 and now 647 and 209 area codes. Samia added, “We want the image of Toronto to be alllll LOVE” while Madiha loves the diversity and even the weather out here, “I know its cold, but I love that we get a break from each weather!”

This baby has some swag huh...? :)

Heart Beats TO began in the Summer of 2010 but will relaunch with full force in this Summer. They have copyrighted their brand and already have planned summer events to be involved in. They hope to be apart of the PanAm Games sometime in the future as well. In the really really really long run, they're going global (“Pinky... we're gonna take over the world!”) and might even have “My Heart Beats” as a brand and distributing to each city all over the world.
It's a representation and pride thing. These two sisters were proof to me that there are people out here other than my own group of friends who are truly proud to be a part of Toronto.

If you ever wondered what Toronto was like, you'll learn from these two sisters.
My heart beats T.O. ... Does yours?

Thanks to Samia and Madiha for
hooking me up with my Heart Beats
T.O. shirt!! :)
>>Twitter: Follow Samia and Madiha on Twitter now [ @MissSamia and @TripleO_7]

>>Website: Click here for Heart Beats T.O.'s Official Website (and get your tee!)

>>Facebook: "Like" Heart Beats T.O. on Facebook here

You can also contact Madiha and Samia at

It's the T dot OOOOOOOOOOO! *Kardinal's Voice* :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Purple Day!!!!

Tonight at Dundas Square, people of Toronto gathered to support and spread awareness for Epilepsy. Purple Day is actually March 26th, but as you know from my recent postings, a free concert was held from 5pm-8pm tonight. Starbucks supplied treats and some hot beverages of course, there were photo contests, raffles, cupcakes (see below) and of course the music. Andrew Lewis, Zack Werner and Chris McLean (Teletoon's Total Drama... with a little investigating and Google, I found his Twitter acct @iChrisMcLean) was also present along with his girlfriend (I'm so sorry, I didn't get your name!!!) who did some face painting in purple of course!! She drew this for me (thank you!):

Unfortunately, I was stuck at work and I didn't get down to Dundas Square until about 6:45pm :( But I managed to get some photos. 

Zack Werner on stage

Julie Correia and I

This is why she's one of my best friends. Kelly Bradshaw
enjoying a nice cupcake at Dundas Square :D

Thank you to all those that came out and supported a great cause. Epilepsy impacts 40,000 Torontonians! There are many stigmas attached to medical conditions, mental/physical disabilities etc. Help spread awareness and learn your facts! Visit Epilepsy Toronto today!

Happy Purple Day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The CN Tower: Lit up in Purple!

Today I spoke with a rep from CN Tower to ask about the lighting schedule for this weekend. Currently, the CN Tower is scheduled to be lit up in purple on March 26th (Saturday) except between 8:30pm-9:30pm for earth hour. I'm waiting for the Manager of Public Relations to call me back so I can request the CN Tower to be lit in purple for the duration of the Purple concert at Dundas Square for Epilepsy on March 25th at 5pm if it hasn't been requested already.
Apparently, requests are done way before the actual date requested, but maybe they can help us out a little for this one :)
The CN Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in the Western hemisphere and is a communications and observation building. This summer I hope to go at least once so I can see our beautiful city from up high.

***Update- March 24th, 2011: Ok... I missed a call from the Man. of Pub Relations as I was working today. However, I received a tweet from Epilepsy Toronto and they said that the CN Tower was already scheduled to be purple for the entire month of March. Hmmm... not what the security guy at CN Tower told me! But it seems Epilepsy Toronto may be right, as according to their lighting schedule, with exceptions to a few days in March, it seems it will be purple. I'm still waiting on the confirmation from CN Tower... But either way, I'm excited that Toronto will be involved in Purple Day tomorrow! I hope to see you all there :)

Follow Epilepsy Toronto on Twitter!
For the CN Tower lighting schedule, click here

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Jewel In The Lotus

The Jewel In The Lotus is an original theatre production held from March 23rd-26th at the University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus). I picked up a flyer on campus today and remembered that the UTSC campus has a great Visual and Perfoming Arts program. This production is directed by T. Lamie and is presented by the senior students of the VPA program.

The meaning of the title is embedded in "Om Mani Padme Hum" (Mani- Jewel and Padme- Lotus) but spellings can be transliterated differently among Korean, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Tamil and Bengali amongst many others. It is also debated of where the Mantra originated... some say Afghanistan and others may say China.

Dalai Lama defines it has: Om- body, speech and mind of the Buddha. Mani- altruistic intention to become compassion. Padme- symbolizes wisdom and Hum- indivisibility.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors.
The year end show is on March 26-27 (AA Building 3rd Fl), with the opening reception on March 26th at 2pm-4pm.

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
1265 Military Trail
Scarborough, Ontario
(Corner of Military Trail and Ellesmere)

401 to Morningside
Exit South
Left on Military Trail

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seoul: Museum of Contemporary Art

I was only allowed to take a photo of one thing in the gallery and that was this masterpiece by Nam June Paik (Baik). He died in 2006 from complications of a stroke but was considered a media artist and the first video artist. In 2001, he received a Lifetime Achievement award. ... Brilliant :)

The tower is visible right when you walk into the museum. It has 1,003 tv's of all sizes and the set up is excellent. You walk up a spiral ramp to each floor meanwhile being able to see pretty much every aspect of the tower. 

I wasn't supposed to take the picture of this but I loved it so I snuck a pic. It's a little blurry, if you can see on the right there is a curator and she was giving me the side eye... so I went O_O and took off. ... I know.. I'm a rebel.

This is by Yayoi Kusama. An AMAZING artist from Japan who's life is worth reading about. She has struggled with mental illness from childhood (mostly of suicidal hallucinations) and endured physical abuse by her mother. She reflects many struggles in her art and transforms her misfortunes to masterpieces. 
As you can see, the pumpkin as polka dots, which is featured in a lot of Kusama's work. A curator (not the one that was after me) handed me a small card that had Kusama's quotes on it. One read, 

"A polka-dot has the form of the sun, which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and our living life, and also the form of the moon, which is calm. Round, soft, colorful, senseless and unknowing. Polka-dots become movement... Polka dots are a way to infinity"

... Did I mention she's a poet, novelist, fashion designer, painter and sculptor?
Currently, she lives in a mental hospital in Tokyo, Japan. She references art as her saviour from suicide. Kusama is truly an inspiration.

I'm on this website every other day... click for Yayoi Kusama's Offical Site here

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wanna feel safe? Don't dress "like a slut"

I'm sure many of you heard of this... Back in January, one of the two policeman speaking at a safety panel at Osgood Hall (York University) here in Toronto made a suggestion.

“I’ve been told I shouldn’t say this,” instructed the audience that women should avoid “dressing like sluts” if they wanted to be safe from sexual assault.

Adrian Morrow quoted a member of the Student Government from Osgoode Hall in his article in the Globe and Mail who said that many listeners were shocked by policeman's "advice".

Truth is, the police officer is not the only one that thinks this way and it's not only men that feel this way either. It's the "well, she's dressed like that, what did you expect" type of attitude that is present in many people's opinions.

Last semester in my Introduction to Women's studies class, our discussion on one of the topics turned into a discussion on the Caribana Festival here in Toronto and how women dress during the weekend. I admit, I've seen the outfits and it is not my particular sense of style, however, what do you think people are thinking when they see women dressed the way they are during the festival? Be honest...

The topic stemmed from a documentary on Hip Hop and Women's Representation. The documentary showed women being grabbed left right and center out in public. One of my classmates expressed that when she goes out to Caribana, she doesn't "dress like that" because she knows what kind of attention it receives. 
In the documentary however, women that were fully clothed were being grabbed too...
As I looked around the lecture hall, many female students were nodding, agreeing with the classmate. 

My feeling was, no matter how I'm dressed, no one can touch me. I don't care if I'm wearing a bikini made of dental floss and post its to cover up my nipples. It is not a invitation for free fondling and grabbing. It's definitely not an invitation for sexual assault. 

Having the attitude that a woman's attire needs to be changed in order to decrease the incidences of rape and sexual assault is BOGUS. That's right, BOGUS. Women have to change their attire and cover up because some men can't handle the visual, resulting in sexual assault? 
This displaces the blame of rape and assault to women, instead of the men that rape and sexually assault women. 

Does this mean that sex trade workers are allowed to be raped because they're "putting themselves at risk?" Does this mean they don't deserve justice, or equal attention from the police department? What about sex trade workers that were tricked and forced into prostitution? Since they didn't "choose" to be sex trade workers, can they be exempt from sexual assault?
What about sex trade workers that are 9...10... 11 year olds. 

Does this mean that women who cover up don't get raped? 

Apparently, the police officer apologized. Apparently, his comments aren't a reflection of how police officers are trained. Apparently. 
So how are police officers trained? He clearly stated, "I've been told I shouldn't say this". But maybe he has selective hearing. Maybe they have some BOGUS training on women's issues and he brushed it off. 

Maybe that is what he tells his daughter(s).

My father, clearly not trained by the Toronto police department on this issue, told me if any one (man or woman) is sexually assaulted, raped, or victimized in any sense... It was never provoked by the victim. The offender has issues of their own and he made it clear that society has a funny way of judging people, situations and sometimes, justice isn't justice. He says, society tends to customize who is more worthy of being a victim.

What does attire got to do... got to do with it?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purple Day for EPILEPSY!

Epilepsy impacts 40,000 Torontonians per year. March is Epilepsy Awareness Month and it features on March 25th at 5pm, There is a free"purple" concert at Yonge and Dundas Square featuring Canadian Idol Judge Zack Werner and Degrassi's Andrea Lewis. It also features karaoke tents and photo booths and you can come out and help support Epilepsy at the same time. Get your friends and family, enjoy downtown Toronto and come support. I hear the CN Tower will be purple in support as well... So go dig through your closet and find something purple, then click on the link below to see the Epilepsy Toronto website.

There are misconceptions about Epilepsy and stigmas attached to mental and physical illnesses/disorders. As I worked with special needs kids, I saw children (who weren't epileptic, but had seizure disorders) and it is heartbreaking. Please click below to learn about epilepsy and seizures and spread awareness :)

For more information: 416-964-9095 or click here

Female Eye Film Festival!

What are you doing this weekend? The kids are looking at the end to their freedom as March Break comes to an end. If you're out and about this weekend, the 9th Annual FeFF is happening in downtown Toronto.

See film through the eyes of a woman. FeFF began yesterday and ends on the 20th of March this year.

Location: Rainbow Cinema Marketplace 80 Front Street (Church and Jarvis area)

Visit the FeFF site here

Enjoy! :)

Tim Horton's and Big Brothers/Sisters Unite!

Not half bad at bowling? Have a team that you could put together? Believe that children should all have a mentor in their lives regardless of race, socio-economic status, citizenship etc.?
It began this year on February 12th with Corporate and Media Day. The event is for every child who needs a mentor, and the goal is $300,000.

If you are in banking, you can get involved on March 26th and Bowl For Kid's Sake "Bank Day"! Brought to you by Tim Hortons and Big Brothers and Big Sisters, get a team together and help raise money for BBBST to ensure our "littles" are matched with a "big" EVERY time. Last year, TD Bank, RBC, CIBC and so on all gathered to raise money. Who will win the most this year?

"Bank Day" is on Saturday, March 26th at Thorncliffe Bowlerama (45 Overlea Blvd., Toronto, Ontario) from 10am-2pm.

Contact your bank champion today!

CIBC - Dawn Elias, Karen Mckay, Viken Hanessian   
RBC - Cara Williams     
Scotia - Peter Chang    
TD Canada Trust - Giovanna Bilotta
You can also join an existing team here
The last event is with employees of Cisco bowling for children! Please see the information on the fundraising site here
If you would like to donate, please click here

Chun Eun Sil 천은실 : Korean Illustrator

          During this past Christmas break, I had the opportunity to visit Korea and Japan. From December 18th-January 8th, my daily mission was to explore my home country and visit Japan for the first time all while taking in the entire experience, vowing to never forget.
One of the places I was able to visit was the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. I LOVED IT.
         There, I received an iPhone case as a gift. I loved the illustration on the case, and with a little research, I found it was Chun Eun Sil of Korea. Very creative and the unusual out-of-proportion topsy-turvy illustrations of Chun's work has made the illustrations my new favourite.

Bugs In Paper iPhone Case
Bugs In Paper

You can find all of Chun Eun Sil's artwork here

You can also create your own iPhone case here

More postings on the museum and the collection will be added soon :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She Told You!: Katie Makkai - "Pretty"

Katie Makkai let's you know...

Six Queer Habits - Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

The following is my analysis on Sedgwick's article "Queer Sex Habits (Oh No! I Mean) Six Queer Habits":

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto

I have one younger brother and I would hardly call him little. He went through a growth spurt (unfortunately) and with age, he thinks he has to be protective of me :) How cute.

I was a Big Sister in Scarborough, Ontario. I was in the In-School Mentoring program which meant I only met with my little sister at her school during school hours only.
My little sister was shy and mostly kept to herself. Her family situation wasn't great and I gradually began to understand her personality. My most memorable moment was my first day. We were playing at the playground and she took a stick and write "A BIG DAY" in the sand. I asked what that meant and she replied, "Because today I met you".

The impact you can have on your little brother or little sister you are matched with could be positive like this. Unfortunately, my little sister was sent to a group home and was out of the program. I only saw her 5 times in the course of the school year from September to December because she was rarely at school.

Currently, Big Brothers and Big Sisters need more volunteers especially for the In School Mentoring program and Group Program. They also need a lot of Big Brothers.

Check for information on a program in Toronto here

Here are some places you can volunteer at:

Surrey Place
Children's Aid Society
Sick Kids Hospital

You can also google your local hospital, shelters etc.

Autism Awareness Day: Comedy Night at Club 54

For all those in the Toronto area, there is an event on April 2nd at Club 54 in Burlington Ontario. It is to support Autism and Autism awareness. Come out and show your support. April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day! 

I like to be active in supporting events like this. Please keep in mind that donating money and assuming you are an "activist" is nooooot quite so. I like to get involved as much as I can. Volunteering is an amazing experience, not because it's "rewarding" as people like to describe it. I volunteered at Surrey Place in downtown Toronto and worked with adults with special needs that were learning job skills in the coffee shop of Surrey Place. It doesn't only open your eyes to what kind of help they need in order to learn these skills, but what issues they face even outside of the coffee shop for example, on the way to work, one of the adults faced a violent attack on the subway. Please also keep in mind that Autism is not the only diagnosis that people with special needs have. I know it's what most people can identify along with Down Syndrome. 

I am currently working on a research paper on women with disabilities and the implications of health care. So I will be posting a few things on this issue in the near future. 

To learn more about Autism Canada, please click here

Annie Sprinkle: Anatomy of a Pin-Up Photo

Annie Sprinkle addresses the fantasy vs. reality aspect of a pin up photo.

For her website, click here

Why Do Women Take So Long In The Bathroom?

A few years ago, a guy friend of mine asked me why women take so long in the bathroom. I asked him why he thinks so. He replied that they "probably have to fix their face".... *side eye*

Here is my response:

WE CAN'T STAND TO PEE. Disadvantage: Using the washroom for women consists of more steps in the process. 

THERE'S PEE ON THE TOILET SEAT. We have to either squat or do some crazy gymnastics move to avoid the nasty toilet seat and have some 86.7% chance of pulling a leg muscle.  Even if the toilet seat had nothing on it, we spend an extra 12 seconds to cover the entire seat with toilet paper, another 2.5 seconds flushing all that toilet paper and another 4.5 seconds making sure none of that toilet paper is stuck to our pants/shoes.

STALL DOOR IS BROKEN. Sometimes the door doesn't lock... so we maybe have to somehow multi task (use both hands to adjust pants and head butt eh stall door shut) or have to wait until a suitable stall is available. 

WE HAVE TO WIPE. Men can jiggle. Women have to wipe. Every single time. Number 1 ANNNND Number 2.

HOOKS ARE MISSING. We can swing the purse on our shoulder but do you know how difficult that makes things? This adds on an extra 20 seconds. 

TOILET PAPER IS SPARSE. You think they would have extra rolls of toilet paper. NO. So this results in the squatting and gymnastics and then digging in our purse to look for the tiny travel pack tissue paper. In case you men didn't know, this is really annoying to do with your pants half down.

-- So my friend thinks what we do in the washroom is "fix our face". Hmmm... These are just some of the reasons that have to do with the conditions of public toilets. Notice how the washrooms are even gendered? Big vanity mirrors for the women's washroom? When I'm in a public washroom, I rarely sit on a comfy chair and look at myself in the mirror with 12 light bulbs to "fix my face". I have to say, my one and only priority when I'm in a washroom is to pee. 

My Response to Alexandra Wallace

So I reviewed the video post made by Alexandra Wallace. And here's is my response. The video is below.

Alexandra Wallace,

         What is "American Manner" exactly? Can your academic experience in the Political Science program at UCLA give you the power to tell the rest of us what that is? Is it making YouTube videos about Asians that annoy you? But before you start, you pre-warn the viewer that you're not the most politically correct person and you don't mean to insult any of your friends?.... Hmmm... I never heard of such "manners". I sure hope UCLA doesn't teach you that in their program.

         You were "deep into your studies" and were interrupted by ching's and chong's and tong's? Hmm... I didn't know that that was the universal language for Asians. Do you know what KIND of Asians they were? And did you know that there is South Asians and East Asians? And South Asia's languages doesn't really sound like what you mimic in the video. Do they not teach you that in Political Science? Maybe you're not doing so well in your program...

        If you were REALLY concerned about your studies and were always interrupted while about to reach an "epiphany", you wouldn't have breached the UCLA Student Code of Conduct as it states:

We do not tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment, profiling or other harm to individuals on the basis of expression of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religious beliefs, political preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship, or national origin among other personal characteristics. Such acts are in violation of UCLA’s Principles of Community and subject to sanctions according to campus policies governing the conduct of students, staff and faculty.

In addition, you wouldn't have settled for rescheduling your final exams because of death threats made after your final exam schedule became available online, NOR would you have taken 2 minutes and 52 seconds of your precious time to make a YouTube video. Perhaps another 2 minutes to figure out how to post it. That's 4 minutes and 52 seconds YOU COULD HAVE USED TO WORK TOWARDS YOUR 75th EPIPHANY OF THE DAY!!!! Oh my goodness.

         According to you, since I'm [some sort of] Asian, my parents did not teach me to do my own laundry, cook my own food etc. What will your mother think!
         ... I have an idea. Perhaps, I can meet your mother and have her "teach" me, since you claim your mother has taught you to be "nice and polite". Your people call my people? Perhaps lunch at the UCLA library?
        The best part of your post was the suggestion that the Asians in the library were calling their families in Japan because of the Tsunami.  .................................................................... Sorry, I had to let that marinate for a second. Really? Oh Alexandra, how genius of you to come up with that theory! What kills me (and I mean death from excessive laughter) is that you were so confident in your video post that you were saying something meaningful.
         See what happens when you "observe" and just blurt things out?

It could sound like this,

"How did you get into UCLA? You sneaky girl you...!.... Did you get into UCLA by parading all of that cleavage you're showing in your video post. Is that how UCLA dresses for class? Oh, I'm sorry, you must have just gotten back from your photo shoot as a "bikini model"...  I don't know, it's just an observation. And how much bleach is in your hair exactly? Do you think that some of the bleach might have gone through your scalp to your brain through some sort of weird osmosis and caused damage in the area where maybe "common sense" would be controlled? What you have done is abuse the right to freedom of bleach, and right to freedom of cleavage".

         Do you see what I mean? How much your roots have grown out, what colour your hair is, your modelling and how much cleavage you show means...what? On a serious note, what you have done is actually abuse the right to freedom of speech.

         In a culturally diverse environment as UCLA, maaaaaybe you should've kept your ignorant opinions off of YouTube. If you felt liberated or brave at any point when you were posting the video... It was a short lived experience. What is more long term is the impact you have had on the online world, Asian community (sorry, more specifically, EAST Asian) and the hostile environment you have created for yourself.
         I have a question. Was it worth it? Was it worth rescheduling you finals, creating a hostile environment for yourself, pulling your face book profile and any social networking/online affiliation off of the internet, and having your bikini photos (apparently, you are a bikini model) plus your final exam schedule posted on the internet? Was it worth it? .... Actually, don't answer that.
        What you have failed to understand is that this can haunt you for the rest of your life. Can you erase all of the videos off of the internet?

         Now I know you issued an apology. But judging from your video, we all got a sense of what kind of person you are. So I could doubt that the apology was written by you and I could doubt that you are even sorry. I could believe that you are sorry that your video got the attention that it did. in your apology, however, you never directly apologized to "the Asians in the library". It was short and not so sweet...

         As for the thought of you getting expelled, I  don't think you should be, I understand it may have been a mistake. For all I know you really may be sorry (for whatever reason). I don't think expulsion would teach you anything. I believe that bigotry, racism and all problematic issues like them are deeply-rooted and you can't all of a sudden have an "epiphany", realizing you were wrong.

.....But if you were expelled, I personally wouldn't lose sleep over it. As a matter of fact, I would still sleep like a baby.

          Alexandra Wallace, you're breath stinks. Cuz you're talking sh*t.

Anyways... "Thanks for listening and.... Have a great day!" *Alexandra Wallace Voice* (Insert super duper smiley face here)

UPDATE: March 19th, 2011

Alexandra Wallace has dropped out of UCLA for "personal safety reasons"
Well well well....

See article here

Click below to see Wallace's video post:

Some of the responses can be seen here. Many parodies are floating around the internet. The first parody below has what I already expected the parodies to focus on... her cleavage. Not really my choice of weapon, but please, YouTube some parodies and see the responses.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace: Asians In The Library

So I sit beside the same Korean girl (the only Korean girl I know) in my Feminist Theory class at the University of Toronto. We usually update each other on our week and complain about how tired we are and it's only Tuesday.

Last week, I told her about this YouTube video of a woman singing about "Sunny D and Rum... Yum" song... (YouTube it).

Today, she tells me about a girl from UCLA who posted a video on YouTube about Asian people in the Library at her school that talk on their cell phones. I have yet to see the video but I hear and read that she basically is an idiot because UCLA heard about it as the video went viral. She took it down... she had a lot of death threats were made against her, UCLA was not happy... and she had to reschedule her exams. Fun huh?

I plan on watching the video and some of the responses and parodies that were made about Wallace's post. The next post WILL BE my open letter to Alexandra Wallace.

I will say this,

Mission Statement Perhaps?

My blog is set to be about current issues or just some interesting things that I come across during my daily adventures. Most topics will be about women's issues, my job as a daycare worker and previous days as a C.Y.W., my life as a University student and me living my hyphen identity.... My blog will also feature people and art, organizations/events, especially from Toronto.

I respect people of all race, class, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship and so on... So you won't find any humour about that on here. I actually don't find jokes about that really funny... I mean, I'm in my late 20's, after you hear one you heard them all. How many times have you heard a "knock knock" joke and give a little "ha" to be polite?.... Exactly. It's awkward actually because the person telling the joke laughs harder than you do.... And they already knew the punch line.
Some people are just known to crack "jokes" so much that I tend to think they might just be hiding their true racism/bigotry/sexism etc. underneath jokes just to have a little taste of that public outlet, but cover their butts with, "Oh I was only joking, it's just a joke...relax" if they're ever confronted. You know?

I don't hope to be completely famous from this blog or anything, I actually hope I don't. I can't handle paparazzi.
But it's quite alright if you become a fan and live vicariously through my blog. [Recommended]

I want to take part in sharing things about the world. With the constant bombarding of reality shows... sorry, "reality" shows, I figure why not post some actual reality that doesn't run on scripts and editing.

How do you edit reality exactly? Didn't people come up with saying corny things like, "I have no regrets, or else I wouldn't be who I am today" the fact that there is no ctrl+alt+del in life?

I hope you take part in many of the charities and awareness events I post, find the art/music/film intriguing, and my personal responses funny, yet, at the same time you find that I am just a genius.