Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Do Women Take So Long In The Bathroom?

A few years ago, a guy friend of mine asked me why women take so long in the bathroom. I asked him why he thinks so. He replied that they "probably have to fix their face".... *side eye*

Here is my response:

WE CAN'T STAND TO PEE. Disadvantage: Using the washroom for women consists of more steps in the process. 

THERE'S PEE ON THE TOILET SEAT. We have to either squat or do some crazy gymnastics move to avoid the nasty toilet seat and have some 86.7% chance of pulling a leg muscle.  Even if the toilet seat had nothing on it, we spend an extra 12 seconds to cover the entire seat with toilet paper, another 2.5 seconds flushing all that toilet paper and another 4.5 seconds making sure none of that toilet paper is stuck to our pants/shoes.

STALL DOOR IS BROKEN. Sometimes the door doesn't lock... so we maybe have to somehow multi task (use both hands to adjust pants and head butt eh stall door shut) or have to wait until a suitable stall is available. 

WE HAVE TO WIPE. Men can jiggle. Women have to wipe. Every single time. Number 1 ANNNND Number 2.

HOOKS ARE MISSING. We can swing the purse on our shoulder but do you know how difficult that makes things? This adds on an extra 20 seconds. 

TOILET PAPER IS SPARSE. You think they would have extra rolls of toilet paper. NO. So this results in the squatting and gymnastics and then digging in our purse to look for the tiny travel pack tissue paper. In case you men didn't know, this is really annoying to do with your pants half down.

-- So my friend thinks what we do in the washroom is "fix our face". Hmmm... These are just some of the reasons that have to do with the conditions of public toilets. Notice how the washrooms are even gendered? Big vanity mirrors for the women's washroom? When I'm in a public washroom, I rarely sit on a comfy chair and look at myself in the mirror with 12 light bulbs to "fix my face". I have to say, my one and only priority when I'm in a washroom is to pee. 

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