Monday, December 31, 2012

2013: Happy New Year!

I look forward to starting off 2013 with a nice clean slate... as I did in 2012, 2011 and DEFINITELY 2010. 
This clean slate I'm talking about doesn't mean I erase everything from the past. I realize this now.
It is an addition to the clean slates I had collected from years back. I just keep stacking them. Why?

If you start with a clean slate every year, you're left with nothing but replaceable, disposable and temporary (365 days) worth of events, memories and lives. If these important things are easily replaced, then why did you spend all year with them?

My clean slate isn't that way. It's more of an addition to the positivity... the laughs.

For a lot of people, 2012 was rough. I know these people and these are good people with good intentions and big hearts. They see the new year as not just a place to restart, but to rebuild. 
My good friend had a rough year this year. Although I don't know the details of this part of his life, I feel as though he will get through it. He has a positive outlook on life and seems like the type of person to find peace within himself to overcome life's obstacles. This is an important aspect--- to be at peace.

In 2012 I met some amazing people that made me laugh, cry (happy tears) and tell bad stories when I was intoxicated. I shared great food with them, had intelligent conversations. I met their families and children and they were so welcoming I felt I played an important role in their lives. I reconnected with people and I let go of some that I felt were idling in my life but there were no hard feelings. I stood up for myself and for those who could not. I got my degree, I'm starting a business and it seems there are an endless amount of things I need to get done that I'm excited for this year.

I'm sure that I've done wrong as well. I've let others down, gave up on them for my own advantage and had to lets them be. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not so much!

Many people are doing the 2012 in review... and it's a lot of negativity. If you have to let people go, then do it. But don't wish them pain and suffering. That's not letting it go, that's dwelling on ill feelings.

My 2012 in review: Two thumbs up. I hope to double this in the following year and many after that. I hope to share my experiences with all of you. For those that are a part of my life, I appreciate all that you have done to keep me happy. I will be sure to do the same.

Happy New Year Everyone!