Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mission Statement Perhaps?

My blog is set to be about current issues or just some interesting things that I come across during my daily adventures. Most topics will be about women's issues, my job as a daycare worker and previous days as a C.Y.W., my life as a University student and me living my hyphen identity.... My blog will also feature people and art, organizations/events, especially from Toronto.

I respect people of all race, class, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship and so on... So you won't find any humour about that on here. I actually don't find jokes about that really funny... I mean, I'm in my late 20's, after you hear one you heard them all. How many times have you heard a "knock knock" joke and give a little "ha" to be polite?.... Exactly. It's awkward actually because the person telling the joke laughs harder than you do.... And they already knew the punch line.
Some people are just known to crack "jokes" so much that I tend to think they might just be hiding their true racism/bigotry/sexism etc. underneath jokes just to have a little taste of that public outlet, but cover their butts with, "Oh I was only joking, it's just a joke...relax" if they're ever confronted. You know?

I don't hope to be completely famous from this blog or anything, I actually hope I don't. I can't handle paparazzi.
But it's quite alright if you become a fan and live vicariously through my blog. [Recommended]

I want to take part in sharing things about the world. With the constant bombarding of reality shows... sorry, "reality" shows, I figure why not post some actual reality that doesn't run on scripts and editing.

How do you edit reality exactly? Didn't people come up with saying corny things like, "I have no regrets, or else I wouldn't be who I am today" the fact that there is no ctrl+alt+del in life?

I hope you take part in many of the charities and awareness events I post, find the art/music/film intriguing, and my personal responses funny, yet, at the same time you find that I am just a genius.

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