Saturday, April 16, 2011

Every Step Matters

Happy 20th Anniversary to MS Society of Canada!

Get your hoodies, trackpants, runners and hats (don't forget to stretch!)... and make your way down to Sunnybrook Park for the MS Walk! 
Tomorrow (Sunday, April 17th, 9:45am-12pm) be a part of the 70,000+ people that will take part in the walk for Multiple Sclerosis. 
If you've never been to Sunnybrook Park, it's BIG. It's surrounded by several different parks and there's a small stable for horses, areas to BBQ and a golf course too. 

A big thank you and a pat on the back for Bob Decker from Oakville, Ontario who has raised close to $60,000 so far! He is #1 in the list of Top 100 Individual Fundraiser on The second in line for top 100 individual fundraiser is Darcie James from Duncan, Ontario . James (I think) is the same person who organizes the fundraising group. "Darcie's Gang" is #1 on the Top 100 Group Fundraisers raising just over $42,000. 

MS is typically diagnosed between the ages of 15-40 and in Canada, we have the highest rates of MS. Multiple Sclerosis was discovered in 1858 and although a cause and cure have not been found, your participation will help researchers and get them a stop closer each time. 

Contact info:

MS Society of Canada
Phone: (416) 967-7050

Sunnybrook Park
1132 Leslie Street
Toronto, Ontario
(Leslie and Eglinton)

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