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William Whatcott: Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion

William Whatcott

William (Bill) Whatcott is a Canadian Social Conservative Activist. He "ACTIVELY" promotes Anti-Gay and Anti-Abortion messages across Canada and even ran for political office.

This is my response.

On Anti-Abortion:

Being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice is really up to the individual. As a man, how is Whatcott to know what it is like to be pregnant? Hell, I don't even know yet.
I understand Anti-Abortion activists' position on the issue that a fetus is still life and that medical institutions along with expecting mothers and fathers may be "playing God". However, I'm Pro-Choice. Why?

- I'm fully aware that bringing life into a family of violence, drugs, welfare or other situations of the sort is no life for a child. Ending up "in the system" without a solid family foundation can be traumatic for a child. Lack of education on safe sex and sex education in general manifest many parts of the world, even in a developed country as Canada. Don't assume that people know what you know.

- Whatcott uses Christianity as an institutional resource to promote Anti-Abortion. May I remind you that using religion is a no-no? Christianity was also used to forced many Aboriginal Children into residential schools to become more "European". Let's not use religion. It separates people more than it unites. Let's be real.

- In the patriarchal society we live in, rape and sexual assaults assign women as the victims and men as the perpetrators (mostly). Forcing a rape victim to bear the child of a rapist is forcing residual trauma.

- There are young girls being raped, end up pregnant with no resources to raise a child.

- Reproductive issues are women's issues^. As much as men have the right to speak out against abortion, it is evident that GLOBALLY, many women have even been forced to have an abortion and have even been sterilized as a racially charged act and a move toward promoting "Whiteness" and masculinity. As much as men have the right to speak out, women have the right to protect their bodies. How is it that abortion was used to control women's bodies, but women can't use it to protect their bodies?

^Women's issues in the West consists of reproductive issues. But of the East and South where political warfare take over women's lives, it is not just reproductive issues, but political ones as well. 

- Anti-Abortion activists may argue that if one did not desire to have children at the time, that they should have abstained from sexual intercourse, be married (at least), or practice safe sex. Furthermore, they may argue that childbirth is somewhat of a "requirement" of femininity. But have they questioned whether the men in the relationship are willing to commit to raising an "illegitimate" child with the woman? Have they questioned what position the pregnant woman is in by raising the child alone? Must I go into the issue of single mothers and the amount of this population in poverty? As much as society as progressed, it is still viewed that women are the primary caregivers. So what ... or who, rather, are we arguing against here...?

On Whatcott's Anti-Gay "Acitivism":

- Being gay is not a CHOICE: Bill Whatcott admitted that he has worked as a gay prostitute to support his drug addiction when he was a young adult. Today, he is protesting against being gay? It's clear that to Bill Whatcott, being GAY is a choice. It is something you do, apparently, and not a part of your identity. Reality check Whatcott, being gay is not a choice. One doesn't just wake up one morning and decide that they want to be gay. Although Whatcott decided to be a gay prostitute to support his drug habit (sniffing glue), this is not what the LGBTQ community just "does".

*** I'm not criticizing Whatcott for being a prostitute. But that he justifies being a gay prostitute to support his drug habit, but those who are actually living as a member of the LGBTQ community is not?

- The unorthodox and discriminatory activism of Whatcott against Gay communities maintains the negative views of those communities. His acts keep discrimination, marginalization, stigma, hate crimes, stereotypes and so on, alive. With all of the suicides of gay adolescents that flooded that news last Fall, you would think that people would understand the detrimental effects of further spreading that hate. And yes, this is a hate crime.

Whatcott protests in Calgary (2009)

- Using Anti-Gay slurs in pamphlets is not activism. It is hate speech. Whatcott refers to gay men as sodomites and child molesters. It is an old but still maintained idea that all gay men are potentially dangerous because they could potentially be pedophiles and potentially harm their children. Potentially. You don't have to study Social Diversity in a post-secondary institution to know that this is for the lack of a better word: WACK.

- Whatcott moves toward making homosexuality illegal. What is more disturbing is that he ran for political office. What is even more disturbing than that is that people voted for him. Moving to make homosexuality illegal implies that Whatcott believes in using the institution of the justice system to discriminate against marginalized individuals in the LGBTQ community. He believes that by making it illegal, the lawful actions against the members of this community will and should be accepted by society. This reverses all of the human and equity acts we've been working so hard on and "justifies" charging LGBTQ members with a crime.

- Human rights is human rights. It is unacceptable that human rights are applied and distributed disproportionately among members of various social divisions. When it is distributed to some and not to others, this implies that the "others" are less human than those privileged by race, economic (class), gender, sexualities, location etc.

- You don't have to be gay. No one is forcing you to. Living next door to a gay couple doesn't make you gay, nor should it devalue their dignity to be gay. However, believing that this population does not "deserve" to breathe the same air as you do, and should be criminally charged is bogus. Ever heard of hegemonic masculinity?

This is the smile of homophobia.

You could look at Whatcott and think that there is something wrong with him as an individual that he acts this way.
You could look at Whatcott's childhood and say that it was his abuse-riddled life that messed him up as a child and thus, presents the man we call today William Whatcott.
You could also look at the system theorists' view that the social institutions are to blame.

It is not required that you choose one. It could be a plethora of factors that created such a man as William Whatcott.
Regardless of these factors, he spreads hate speech and simultaneously is promoting hate crimes that can stem from his actions. This is not biological or a lifestyle. This is Whatcott's choice.


Whatcott responds to opponents, "Tough, you live in democracy". Of course a man of privilege would say such a thing.

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