Tuesday, January 17, 2012

London Rippers: The Logo says it all

Back in November when the new name for the London baseball team, "London Rippers" caused a stir in the news, I avoided this topic for the blog, as there was obvious controversy. However, it is clear that the controversy is not so obvious to some. 

The name "London Rippers" received negative criticism due to the link to the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, the British serial killer that murdered 13 women, and attacked 7. 

Supporters of the Baseball team's name claim no harm, and that the intention was not to name the team after the serial killer. Seriously? If that is their defence, I sure hope that is not the weak mentality they use to play baseball. I can tell you they will be losing every game. 

The moral outrage against the name is quite understandable. Making light of the situation and claiming no harm to being labelled a London Ripper actually makes light of gendered violence. 
What's next? The "Montreal Massacres"?
The team is also introducing "The Lil Rippers", a baseball team for kids under the age of 12. Fabulous.

What is more interesting and pathetic is that although the news has reported on the negative criticisms the London Rippers have received, Devon Teeple of The Bleacher Report focuses on how the London Rippers can attract attention to the team, attractiveness for the kids to play baseball and the parents to attend the games through the negative media uproar. Good job guys. The reporter claims that the Rippers' logo is really original and "will make an amazing baseball hat". I don't know about original, the Ripper is the image of Sutcliffe holding a baseball bat. Oh, I guess since the Yorkshire Ripper didn't play baseball or attack the women with a bat, the logo is ok. *Rolling eyes*

Teeple then ends the FASCINATING article with, "It is very rare when you hear about a successful Canadian franchise in the baseball world. Let’s help make the Rippers a champion and play a part in making their inaugural 2012 campaign memorable".

Someone tell Teeple to get off of The Bleacher, and back to earth.

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