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My interview with Marlon Palmer had so much content that the first post became a short story :S

So I separated the interview into two sections. This one is a little treat. Marlon shares with me the background info on some of my favourite videos:

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First off, the 'What Goes Around' Video, that was different. Most of your videos are comedy and skits and this one wasn't, why is that?

MP: Basically, I thought of a series, just thinking and brainstorming. I wanted to do something serious, knew it had to do with love and romance. So I was thinking how I can start it off, and leave people confused. Read the comments on YouTube, people got confused...”

Yeah, I read the comments. People were like, “I don't get it” and “What's going to happen next?”

MP: It was perfect, they wanted more, and begged me to make episode two. I have 5 episodes, it will be a total episodes of 5. It was exactly what you were going for.

What about “Sh*t Toronto People Say”, was that following the trend that was going on on YouTube?

MP: Yeah, definitely. I noticed there was not Toronto one.
But when I planned to release it, some people in Toronto seemed to [have] planned to do it that same week.
Then Drake retweeted it and it blew up from there....

Yeah, he tweeted about it...Said something...

MP: He said something like, “I'm dying doggie LOL”... From there it was Sh*t Jamaican People Say.
There was another one out that someone did, but it was bad, So I had to represent. So I called Slynky. People wanted part 2 really bad, and I agreed. Sh*t Jamaican People Say Part 2... I did it because it [Part 1] didn't even cover all the material. And there are still more to do...

Ok, what about Jamaican Death Bed and who is the girl in that video? She was so funny...!

MP: I literally was watching this show and someone was in the deathbed. The family were saying their goodbyes. I was high [laughs] and I developed an idea for it. Someone else came up with the idea of the will though, at first I was just gonna roast them before I die.
The girl is my friend Savannah, I've known her for a long time.

I think she was perfect for the role [laughs]

MP: Yeah, she's going to be in more videos.

I saw some older videos too, and “Look Your Worst Challenge”? Where did that come from?

MP: That was literally how we start making videos. After that one, people were like “Hey, you guys should do more” and all that. There are these two girls that do a make-up tutorial on YouTube and people love it--- Angie's Choice?--- and we did our own video, used our friends' make up. We didn't know what mascara was and the video, it was all natural and improvised because we didn't know how to put on make up or anything about it.

I can hear some girl's voices in the video, was that your friends it looked like they was handing you make up.

MP: Yeah, it was their make up [laughs]

Moving on from that one, there is the “Wray and Nephew Challenge”? That was so nasty [laughs] how was that? Everyone has to take a shot without making a face?

MP: Yeah, we got tons of responses off of YouTube with that, people were going in.

Isn't it like 60% or something...

MP: Yeah [laughs]

Any success stories?

MP: Yeah, some people were able to do it. It's not too too bad, nothing like the Cinnamon Challenge.

What's the Cinnamon Challenge?

MP: You've never heard of the Cinnamon Challenge?!

No... [laughs]

MP: You have to take a spoonful of cinnamon and try to eat it, it's impossible, it soaks up any-- like put cinnamon in water, it will kill it... So when you eat [a spoonful of] cinnamon all you see it POOF! People coughing it out.

Oh cuz you're inhaling and it's all...

MP: Yeah, it's crazy. 

Marlon pulled up some videos on YouTube on the Cinnamon Challege and the Wray and Nephew Challenge and told me about the ones he thought were good, right in the middle of the interview, so that I get an idea of what he's talking about. A stand up guy.


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