Monday, April 30, 2012


Some idiot in Buffalo is doing stupid things.

Holly Pierce lives in house pictured above in Buffalo, NY with her five children. "GET OUT N*****" was spray painted on the side of her house this past week. But this isn't about Pierce. She's white.

This is about her five mixed-race children. Five. Children.

So they're not threatening Pierce to leave, I'm sure the problem isn't her. They're threatening her five children, oldest being 10 years old.
But sad part is, because no one knows who did it, these children could be going to school with the very children who are probably related to the person who took a can of spray paint and sprayed this racial slur.

The theme os belongingness is easy to pick out in this situation. Why do those children not belong there? Who says who stays and who has to leave?

If someone told me to move because I'm not white, I'd point and laugh in their face.
However, these are five children, who are supposed to be free to experience childhood without this mess. Unfortunately, someone or some people in this community doesn't care to allow that freedom.

It has been reported that many members of the Buffalo community is upset about this. I would be too... I mean, not everyone in Buffalo is racist. If I were judged at one person's stupid actions because we lived in the same community, I'd be pissed.
Hopefully, they is enough of an outrage that the person/people responsible will be found.

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