Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Damn Shame

It's a damn shame when people are soliciting money for a good cause, just for their own gain. By using this scam, an announcement has been sent by Autism Speaks:

"***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*** Autism Speaks has been told, by our supporters, that they have been solicited for donations from an organization identifying itself as the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, implying that they either work with or for Autism Speaks. THEY DO NOT. Autism Speaks has no affiliation or association with the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation. Autism Speaks does not use an outside group or authorize any other group to raise money on our behalf through direct calls to individuals. In addition, Autism Speaks does not ever use automated calling to solicit donations."

Sad part is, it is not just the people that made a donation that are the victims of this scam, but the individuals diagnosed with autism and their families.

Cold world.

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