Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mind Under Matter

FRANCE-- Housing Minister Cecile Duflot wore this dress while speaking at France's National Assembly. As soon as she stood to speak, male legislators began hooting and catcalling. They heckled her while she was speaking, refusing to listen to her words and focusing on her body.

Sadly, the male legislators find there was nothing wrong with their behaviour. They claimed that she was just being admired. Newsflash dumbasses, France's National Assembly is not a runway show and Duflot is no supermodel. Instead of admiring her body, which had NOTHING to do with the assembly, the right thing to do would have been to listen to her speech. If the male legislators weren't sexually harassing her, if they weren't humiliating her, and if they were just admiring, then could they recall the content of her speech?
Bet they couldn't.

This isn't the first time that a woman in politics received more attention of her body than her mind. Both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton received more press about they womanhood, bodies and image more than their political standpoint. Clinton was criticized for "distracting the men" with her cleavage after where a low cut v-neck shirt... because, you know, we're supposed to control their sexual urges... Michelle Obama is often the focus of men's face book and twitter uploads/status updates on how "hot" she is, and how she "can get it", more than they pay attention to her work.

How about the male legislators control their penises (the one in their pants and the one in their brains) and focus elsewhere.

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