Thursday, August 9, 2012

Man Urinates on Homeless

Is this real or fake?
This is still a question on a video posted on World Star Hip Hop. Shown is a homeless man sleeping in front of the Eaton Centre downtown Toronto. He is sleeping in the fetal position when another man walks up and urinates on him.

This is one of the worst forms of human degradation.

Not only is he urinating on the man, someone is video recording, and people are cheering... and someone posted it online.

Police are still investigating and trying to find out if this video is a hoax, however, it doesn't seem to be. They believe the video was recorded around Nov/Dec of 2011.

Homeless people are vulnerable and marginalized and this is an example of how certain members of society treats them-- as less than humans, less than animals, as if they're filth and trash on the street. Needless to say, people treat the sidewalk better than they do homeless people.

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  1. i refuse to watch the vid...u know how upset this make me! if i only knew who did this!!! -mango