Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gone Too Soon

If you were logged onto Twitter this past week, you probably heard of Amanda Todd. Just a month before her 16th birthday, she committed suicide because of the endless bullying and cyberstalking.

When Amanda was twelve years old, she made the naive mistake of "flashing" a webcam. Her photo was distributed publicly and Amanda continued to be taunted regardless of a numerous fresh starts. She was blackmailed to "giving a show" through a message on Facebook, a profile was created in honour of her body parts and she was bullied in school. She was twelve years old and thought of it as harmless behaviour. What's disturbing is that the people distributing her photos are distributing child pornography.

Amanda was bullied, attached, manipulated, stalked and harassed for four years. As a young girl, how many of you could get over that?

I've read plenty of comments and posts about Amanda's suicide. These are some of the disturbing and ignorant comments made:

 @DevilDiva9 (YouTube) wrote:

"Honestly, I'll admit, I felt pity for her after hearing, rather, seeing this story and it's ridiculous that she got bullied.
But regardless, I criticize her for
1 flashing herself to unknown men
2 Not learning to say no
3 Not staying strong for herself
Now 4 being selfish for causing herself physical harm and finally suicide"

-- Very nice of you to outline your arguements by numbering them Devil Diva. But your criticisms of Amanda Todd are nothing more than an attack on the naivety of a twelve year old girl, victim blaming and supporting the disgusting pedophilia behaviour of grown men preying on the internet. "Not learning to say no"... Are you serious? "Not staying strong for herself"? I had no idea these we were taking advice from fortune cookies when it came to bullying.

@Norfag420 (YouTube) wrote:

"She was basically begging for it. Fuck it. I'm gonna grab a bottle of bleach. Wanna come?"

-- "She was begging for it" are words often uttered by rapists. Just so you know, Norfag.

@IMAV4MPIRE (Twitter) wrote:

"Amanda Todd isn't the only person who committed suicide because of bullying. What makes her more important than anyone else?" 

-- Ask Amanda Todd's mother what is so special about her. Bet she would talk your ear off considering that was her daughter. The point is, Amanda was a human being that was treated like a bag of garbage. For whatever reason you believe for tweeting such ignorance is beyond me. And no, Amanda Todd isn't the only one that has ever committed suicide, but she's one of the victimns of on and offline bullying...and for FOUR YEARS. People have followed her to new schools and blackmailed her. No one is making her more important than anyone else. They're making her more important now because people failed to make her important for the right reasons before she died.


I've posted the negative comments to show you that even though we have lost a life, people are wrecklessly still attacking the victim online. Amanda Todd felt there was no reason for her to try and live her life. A twelve year old made a mistake once. But there were so many people involve in it. This situation went thought so many channels; all guilty of persisting the bullying.EVERY SINGLE PERSON that DISTRIBUTED HER PHOTOS. EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT BULLIED HER. EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT "LIKED" HER PARODY FACEBOOK PAGE. What Amanda Todd did was a mistake. What everyone else did to use her mistake as a weapon was always deliberate.

You've sincerely made some mistakes as well.

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