Friday, July 15, 2011

Who to rely on?

We tell children all sorts of things when teaching them about the workings of the world. One thing we tell them is that if they need help, look for an adult.

Leiby Kletzky (right) brutally murdered by Levi Aron (left)

Eight year-old Leiby Kletzky of New York disappeared after walking to meet his mother. The day before, Kletzky and his mother walked the route but he got lost after missing a turn. He turned to an adult and asked for directions. That man was thirty-five year old Levi Aron.

Aron is seen on surveillance with the boy and lead police to discover Kletzky's severed body parts in Aron's home which he shared with his parents.

Mental illness is suspected but not yet confirmed.

Children are vulnerable beings that need guidance and care. When they seek for help, the risk of ending up in the hands of someone like Aron should not be.
Some of you may respond to this like, "Ya, but the world isn't perfect". No it's not, but since when are we using the imperfect world as an excuse or reason as to why innocent children's bodies are being severed and families being destroyed? The world isn't perfect, but that's no valid premise to use to explain or justify any crime, any discrimination and any inhumane act onto any individual. 

If mental illness was a factor in Kletzky's murder, there are a few things to consider.

- For sentencing, Aron belongs in an institution, not prison. Prison will keep him from society, but with a sentencing of anything short than life without parole, he will eventually integrate back into society with no medical treatment for his mental illness. In an institution, this can be avoided depending on what he is diagnosed with, a lot more than the prison system.

- Another thing to consider is, was Aron getting the medical attention he needed if the mental illness was a factor and if the mental illness was known of prior? Is there enough programs and resources for individuals with special needs and their families in New York? Did his parents, whom he resides with, know of his disorder(s)? This is quite important as it may have prevented Aron ever coming in contact with Kletsky.

In what it described as a quite and safe neighbourhood where Kletzky and Aron met, people are expressing that this should not have happened. Umm... this should not have happened anywhere.

Parent's fears should be that their child doesn't eat or come in contact with anything they're allergic to. Parents should be concerned of their children's academic and social experience and that they wear their helmets when riding their bikes.

Parent's fears SHOULD NOT be that their child is the target of a gruesome murder.

Children aren't rasied by children, they are raised by adults. If we're in a world where children cannot depend on adults... What is the world really coming to?

Sad thing is, this isn't the first case of a child being a victim of a crime committed by an adult.

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