Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Dying Sport

Is track a dying sport? York Region District School Board seems to believe so. 

Markham District High School was established in 1858 and with all the wear and tear, it was rebuilt and opened in Fall of 2010. However, it was built without a track which drove parents, students and alumni to voice their concern. 

It is reported that with all of other budget and program cuts in talks during meetings, the issue of a track not being rebuilt along with the school was overlooked. Parents were told that track is a "dying sport" by the school board.

I understand that track may not be as popular as basketball, baseball and of course hockey in Canada. But one of the goals of Markham District High School is to "Provide a variety of sports, clubs and activities". The York Region School Board should maybe revise the goal to, "Provide a variety of the most popular sports, clubs and activities". 

It is reported that students who run track are now using hallways and parking lots to practice. Umm... really? Parking lots? Did the York Region School Board forget how dangerous that is? But, the students have been forced to basically resort to the use of the parking lots. They don't have a TRACK. Get it?

A dying sport or not, perhaps the encouragement of our high school students to participate in sports as much as possible is actually a good idea? (DUH)
Yes I know, the Body Mass Index was slightly altered sometime back so one day, some people were of average weight, then the next day they were overweight. But, the numbers don't lie. 23.9% of Canadian women and 24.3% of men in Canada are considered obese. 

In Ontario, one-third of the people are considered obese. Diabetes, heart disease, destroyed knees and strokes along with cancer and blood clots... so many health risks associated with lack of exercise. Yes, food intake and smoking takes up a portion of causes as well. 
But the students of Markham District High School are trying to participate in sports. And the school board is pretty much allowing them to resort to the parking lot. Where we park cars. That move. Really fast.

Markham District High School participates in events for Canadian Cancer Society (Cure for Cancer Campaign). Maybe the organization can talk some sense into them?

The students, parents and alumni are not asking for a brand spanking new pink bus with spinning rims on it (as fun that may seem, it's irrational), they are asking for a track to be rebuilt so that they can participate in this so-called dying sport.

Is that too much to ask?

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