Monday, July 16, 2012

Rap Cures Stutter

TORONTO- Three years ago, Jake Zeldin arrived home from Summer camp and told his mom he wanted to be a rapper. Most parents would've brushed it off as a phase of a ten year old that was just easily influenced, without a clue of the hardships of making it in the music industry, and just plain infatuated with shining lights and fame. But for Zeldin's mother, it was a different story.

Jake Zeldin suffered from stuttering and a dream to pursue a rap career was music to mom's ears.
When Jake raps, his sever stuttering diminishes almost entirely.

Zeldin goes by "lil jaXe" ('X' for his x factor) and has over half a million views for several of his videos. He has rapped for Drake at the Last Kings Concert back in December of 2011 (video below) and has entertained the likes of many who were stunned with his ability to overcome his speech impediment through rhythm and lyrics.

Anyone with a stutter is definitely vulnerable to bullying, but Jake claims these "haters" don't phase him, "I’ve been bullied all my life, even by teachers once or twice/ Hard to live life to the fullest when you’re hit by haters’ bullets...Kids at school have teased me, even teachers have teased me about it"

It's sad to learn that even educators were impatient with Zeldin for his speech impediment. But he has turned that around into a passion for music.


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